About Us

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We’re Maria and Tico and we’re on a journey to discover Southern and Eastern Africa. We both love to travel and if there’s ever a good time to drop everything and go, it’s now.


Maria first got a plane when she was a few months old and that’s around the time she got the travel bug. Between spending holidays with family in different states and summer vacations, packing a bag and seeing new things became part of who she was. Even though she was able to squeeze trips in between studying and working, there was a longing for a bigger adventure.

To Maria, this trip is an opportunity to learn more about the world, different cultures and try new foods considering her training as a dietitian.


Tico comes from a background of sports, adventure and exploring.  Living in Guatemala meant a backyard full of opportunities for jungle expeditions, volcano climbing, rivers for rafting, and much much more.  He did a lot of traveling and some trips to parts of America and Europe, but he did not visit as many places as Maria.

To Tico, this trip is a unique opportunity to experience and become aware of what we take for granted while capturing these moments and sharing them with others through my work as a professional photographer.

Maria and Tico met each other and started discovering nearby state and national parks as well as different countries.  One day we were talking about where our next destination would be and Maria threw out the crazy idea of quitting our jobs and traveling.  Why not go for 3 months?  If we have to quit for a 3 month trip, why not go for a year?  It wasn’t easy to digest at first, but now there is no doubt that together we’ll make this an unforgettable adventure.