Welcome to Roam to Discover!

We’re Maria and Tico and on January 10, 2017 we set off on a year-long adventure to discover as many Southern and Eastern African countries as we can.  While the idea came about much before, we got married a few months ago and with the journey of marriage we decided to add on a trip of a lifetime.  We’ve saved up for months, quit our jobs and are ready to see what the year brings us.

We visualized a map and debated where we wanted to spend our travels and Africa was the easy winner.  We were both drawn to it for the animals, undeveloped countryside, tribes and unknown languages (to us).  The thought of seeing and living among cultures so different from our own was enticing.

Our plan is a rough one at that.  We will start in South Africa and swirl around Southern Africa before heading up the Eastern coast.  This map will help you follow along and see where we’ll be throughout the year.


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